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The Future of Rollerskating

May 17th, 2010 1 comment

I am skating since 1996 and I still enjoy it very much. I never was this big talented skater, who did every handrail in the town or who did high technical tricks. I am able to skate transition, gaps and rails on the same level. So I was and I am still a good allround skater. But there was one thing, which distungished me from my other friends... I had a different perspective on spots. When we went out for exploring new spots, I was not interested on perfect handrails, I was more interested in using the urban (public space) architecture in a new way. I did not do the best trick on the new spots I found, but everytime I shared my trick ideas withmy friends on which they never thought before. After that sharing process they evolved my ideas and in the most cases they did better tricks than me. Sharing inspiration and toughts are the reason why I wrote this article.

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