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My most important Twitter Messages #20

June 7th, 2017 No comments

Twitter von der hess

Just for backup reason a summary of my Twitter messages. It is always a nice way to reexperience the developments of a certain time period. For this reason my most important Twitter messages from April 2015 until May 2015. Read more...

The current state of Web needs a counter culture!

August 12th, 2016 37 comments

Since the publications of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, some of our worst worries became true. The Internet got infected by a few sources of power. Mass surveillance by governments and big corporates is the daily routine. People, who fight for transparency are chased (e.g., Eward Snowden, Aaron Swartz, and other whistle-blowers) or got into some weird trouble. For years, I have the feeling the public discussion about the importance of privacy is very abstract and disconnected for the normal "non-technic" crowd. Even more bad the Open Data movement  in the US got also kinda stuck, because there does not exist any really benefit for a goverment to be transparent. Failures (through bad management or even corruption) could be found easier by journalist, but that is not the intent of a running government. However, Edward Snowden tried to explain the problem with the mass surveillance with his famous tweet, which should emphasize why privacy is important and a basic right for a democratic system. Read more...

Use your Raspberry Pi as your local NodeJS Webserver

June 12th, 2016 18 comments


*** An updated version of the article is available here ***

A couple of months ago, I tinkered around with NodeJS on my local machine. After a while I got kinda addicted to the NodeJS Plattform for webservice (SOA) applications as well as Desktop Apps (Electron/NodeWebkit). Hence more complicated NodeJS experiments will start, I decided to set-up my own webserver environment for my (local) network with a Raspberry Pi 2 B. My tools of choice are:

  • Raspian Jessie Lite from 2016-05-27
  • GIT v2.1.4: Version control for source code
  • NodeJS v6.2.0: for REST APIs and Websocket applications
  • Nginx Webserver: Deliver static files, Reverse Proxy for NodeJS, and Load Balancing
  • MySQL Server and Client: for Relational Databases
  • CouchDB v1.6.1: as my NoSQL Database with strong JavaScript tools
  • PM2: NodeJS Process Manager for starting and stoping NodeJS Apps
  • Nodeadmin: Admin Tool for MySQL (like PHPmyAdmin)

Let's get started:


Download Raspian Jessie Lite from the foundation website and write the image on your class 10 SD Card. For more information please read this tutorial (in German).


My most important Twitter Messages #17

October 5th, 2014 No comments

Twitter von der hess

Long time ago I posted my last summary of my Twitter messages, however for me it is always a nice way to reexperience the developments of a time period. For this reason my most important Twitter messages from July 2013 until October 2014. Read more...

Digital Network and Community Design with plants

June 15th, 2014 14 comments

Plant Colour Patterns

After the introductions “Visualization techniques with plants” and “Biosensing for Human Computer Interaction” the next projects using some of the already mentioned techniques. However, this chapter focuses on various approaches of network and community designs. Previous Land Art initiatives and projects were always closely tied to social and cultural resonance. These efforts resulted in social activations of local communities and local conditions [KastnerWallis2010, pages 15-28].

Our exploration investigates the application of current technology and design tools in this field. We will start with community design approaches that do not need a physical presence of humans. Design approaches for location-based communities with a supportive use of digital communication technology will be described afterwards.


Flash talks to Max MSP via OSC

August 16th, 2011 13 comments

As I already mentioned  in an earlier blog post, for reimplementing my "Sound drawing" project to Flash I had to create a communication layer between Max/Msp and Flash. In this blog post I will report about my results and some technical information. If you want to jump directly to the technical part, please skip the part "Why am I doing this". Read more...

My most important Twitter Messages #6

July 5th, 2010 No comments

Twitter von der hess
A small summary of my Twitter messages from March - June 2010:


SENSEWARE – How to Create the Experience’s Architecture

February 9th, 2010 No comments

Interface Culture

During my master studies at the Interface Culture department of the University in Linz I visited the great lecture SENSEWARE - How to Create the Experience's Architecture by Hide Ogawa. In this lecture we learnt and discussed how we can integrate and reproduce emotions + experiences in our technical-based environment. Furthermore, we discussed the roles of the different interactive design  disciplines - e.g. Product Designer, Industrial Designer, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, Experience Designer etc. - and how they work together in the domain of SenseWare products.


My papers about Interactive Art

December 28th, 2009 4 comments

Interface Culture

During the first semester of my study Interface Culture at the University of Art in Linz I had to write some papers about interactive art. My first papers dealt with the history of interactive art and continued with some different art movements in this domain. In some cases I am more or less satisfied with my papers. Anyway, I think every 2page long paper contains some interesting points for Interaction Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Artists, Computer Scientists etc.. That is the reason why I want to share my written work with you.

Please consider that all my papers here were an assignment for the master classes of Interactive Art by Christa Sommerer. My papers don't meet the requirements of a scientific work despite the fact that the format seems to be scientific. All my texts represent partly more my own thoughts on the different art topics, so please interpret my papers as a short essay or summary. My thoughts are mainly based on the first and second references, which are mentioned at the end of each paper. I highly recommend to read these references, because they are a very good collection for delivering an introduction in the domain of interactive art. Thanks Christa for this great collection of references and the introduction!


Flash Indie Developer Part 1: Skills und Fähigkeiten

May 19th, 2009 4 comments

Wie bei jedem neuen Projekt muss man erstmal abwägen, welche Fähigkeiten kann ich mit einbringen und wo könnte ich evtl. Probleme bekommen. Daher ist eine ausführliche Selbstanalyse sehr wichtig. Diese Selbstanalyse ist im Normalfall nicht so angenehm, weil man sehr ehrlich zu sich sein muss. Man muss seine Stärken (yeah) und vor allem seine Schwächen (uhh) einschätzen und letzteres fällt den meisten von uns eher sehr schwer.

Skills-Mindmap Flash Independent Developer

Skills-Mindmap Flash Independent Developer

Nun gut, eins ist auf jeden Fall sehr wichtig, ein (Flash) Independent Developer muss ein Allrounder sein. Ein purer Programmierer oder ein purer Designer ohne Ambitionen für Management Aufgaben (Projekte organisieren, Kontakte schließen) wird es eher sehr schwer haben. Daher nun eine kurze Auflistung mit den für mich wichtigsten Skills.