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The new YouTube AS3 Chromeless API in Flex, Air, Flash

October 27th, 2009 45 comments

I was very pleased that YouTube released a ActionScript 3 API for their Chromeless Player. I looked at some availabe code snippets on different blogs and unfortunateley, I had to realize that the API is not really object-oriented and a little bit annoying to work with (because of the missing code completion).

My current project - an independent Web Video Player - is still using the old workaround YouTube API Tubeloc and I have to change this. That is the reason why I created a Flex Component for the new YouTube AS3 API. If you would like to use my code for your Flex or Air projects, please feel free to use it and if you will find some bugs, please leave a comment!

Now I will start with some explanations of my code. I create 4 classes, which manage the whole YouTube Chromeless API. The class YouTubeAs3 contains all the most important functions and is based on the Flex Framework(!). The classes AirYouTube and FlexYouTube extends the YouTubeAs3 class. Both classes are Flex Framework based classes. I had to divide the YouTubeAs3 class into these 2 classes, because the Adobe Air environment don't support the command Security.allowDomain() and it is cleaner to use this command for a web-based projects. So therefore please use the FlexYouTube component for web-based projects and the AirYouTube component for your Air projects. The fourth class FlashYouTube is an only Flash plattform based class, that should be very handy to use for non-Flex projects. Read more...

Flash Indie Developer Part 1: Check your talents and skills!

October 13th, 2009 No comments

For every project you should check your skills before you start. It helps a lot for preventing possible problems and makes the life easier. Thus I highly recommend to do a self-assessment before your start as a Flash Independent Developer. After this self-assessment you should have a very clear picture about your abilities, skills and of course your weaknesses. It is very important that you know your weaknesses because you can outsource some of this problems to your network buddies.  An independent team-oriented working approach works in this case very well, because it replaces your weakness with a strength of another person. It works like the Captain Planet or the A-Team metaphor 😉

Skills-Mindmap Flash Independent Developer

Skills-Mindmap Flash Independent Developer

On the mindmap you can see the 4 core skills: Design, general knowledge about New Media, Programming (Computer Science) and soft skills. As an employee it is not so important that you have skills in each of these core skills, but as an Independent Developer you have to be an allrounder. gSkinner wrote a nice post about the must-have qualifications as a Flash Developer. I would like to add the points doing project management and creating networks to this list. An (Flash) Independent Developer has to be fancy to do project management tasks and get in touch with other people. If you don't like it, then you should not become an (Flash) Independent Developer! But I think the completely different charakter of the tasks make the life of an (Flash) Independent Developer so much more interesting.