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My most important Twitter Messages #13

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A small summary of my Twitter messages from December 2011- February 2012:


My most important Twitter Messages #10

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Book review: Form + Code (Generative Art & Design)

January 18th, 2011 No comments

Form + Code Title

The last few weeks I did some research on the trendy topic generative art and design. I was very enthusiastically for reading the Form + Code book from Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and the agency LUST.

The content of this book is very well structured. The first chapters introduces programming and the special characteristics of computers in design and art very well. I really appreciate it, that they chose the more concept introduction, then a technical focus. For this reason the reader gets a very good picture why the computer and programming could be helpful for creating new experiences. The transition from the introduction into the toolbox of creative coding is perfectly done. They explained the concepts of Repeat, Transform, Parameterize, Visualize, Simulate pretty good. Especially, the chosen examples of artworks for the various toolboxes are very appropriate. Therefore this book is a very useful resource for research in a scientific environment. The positive argument is also the little weakness of this book. In a theoretical terms everything is fine. The reader gets a very good introduction in this new topic. In practical terms the reader is very often alone with the code examples. Only two or four pages are too less for inexperienced programmers and designers. They are not going to understand and even learn so much from these code examples. The book delivers so much good content, but on the practical site if failed for me. For German-speaking and French-speaking people it is not worse, because the book Generative Gestaltung (review comes soon) is the perfect complement for this book. The book Generative Gestaltung has got some minor weakness on theoretical aspects, but the practical part and the learning from code is perfectly done!

However, this book belongs to every book collection of visual programmers, new media artists and designers. It is definitely the money worth! I enjoyed the reading very much.

Reminder  for Flashers:

This books reminds me strongly on the creative coding beginnings, like it was with Flash 4, 5 and 6. Flashers, please don't forget your roots! Have also a look on the the old Flash Math Creativity Books (edition 2). Further good code examples are available on Liquid Journey. Joshua Davis and Branden Hall created a very good Flash library for generative design. Check out their Hype Framework!

My most important Twitter Messages #7

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My most important Twitter Messages #6

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My artwork at the Incuratable Art – Exhibition in Paris

April 8th, 2010 No comments

I am glad to hear that my and Hennings artwork 100101 aka. "Binary Visualizer" is exhibited on the Incuratable Art exhibition at La Bellevilloise in Paris.  If you are in Paris from 7 to 16 April 2010, visit the exhibition and have fun with the Art Collider Project 😉

My most important Twitter Messages #5

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My papers about Interactive Art

December 28th, 2009 4 comments

Interface Culture

During the first semester of my study Interface Culture at the University of Art in Linz I had to write some papers about interactive art. My first papers dealt with the history of interactive art and continued with some different art movements in this domain. In some cases I am more or less satisfied with my papers. Anyway, I think every 2page long paper contains some interesting points for Interaction Designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Web Artists, Computer Scientists etc.. That is the reason why I want to share my written work with you.

Please consider that all my papers here were an assignment for the master classes of Interactive Art by Christa Sommerer. My papers don't meet the requirements of a scientific work despite the fact that the format seems to be scientific. All my texts represent partly more my own thoughts on the different art topics, so please interpret my papers as a short essay or summary. My thoughts are mainly based on the first and second references, which are mentioned at the end of each paper. I highly recommend to read these references, because they are a very good collection for delivering an introduction in the domain of interactive art. Thanks Christa for this great collection of references and the introduction!


My most important Twitter Messages #3

November 6th, 2009 No comments

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Büchersumpf für den Winter 08/09

November 1st, 2008 No comments

comimag dataflow gamearchitect

Der Sommer ist vorbei und die damit verbundenen Grillsessions am Fluss oder See oder andere tolle Sachen, die man draussen so anstellen kann, gehören somit der Vergangenheit an. Dazu kommt dann noch die ach so tolle frühe Dunkelheit und die schöne (Nass)Kälte, die mir persönlich so gut gefällt, dass ich mich meistens gerne abends ins Bett verziehe. Wer sich dabei langeweilt, dem kann ich nur empfehlen zum alten Printmedium Buch zurück zugreifen. Aus diesem Grund ein Blogeintrag die drohende Langeweile und Inaktivität im Winter für neue Inspirationen und Ideenentwicklungen zu nutzen. Die hier aufgelisteten Bücher aus den Disziplinen Generative Grafik, Informationsverarbeitung und Game Development können einem dabei gut unterstützen...

Generative Grafik oder Kunst

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Physical Computing

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