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“TAKE ME PLACES” artwork is aborted

February 7th, 2012 2 comments

Last year at september Me and Andrea Suter started a location-based experiment with the name Take me Places. Our basic idea was:

TAKE ME PLACES is an art project, which plays with the notions of territory and dislocation, orientation and the loss of such. TAKE ME PLACES will travel around the world until July 2012. At the end of its travels the photographs as well as the added artefacts will be exhibited. TAKE ME PLACES plays with public spaces, is participatory, involves a random the public, is dependent upon it.

We decided to place two suitcases in public spaces. Each suitcase were equipped with a photocamera, kind of a map, kind of a container, and instructions.  One suitcase represented an anolog version (Analog camera, paper maps, suitcase box for additional artworks) and a digital version (digital camera, digital map with QR Code, USB Stick as a container for additional digital artworks). People were supposed to take the suitcase with them and add some personal value to it. Read more...

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Mr. Doobs Harmony project ported to Flash AS3

August 9th, 2011 1 comment

Some time ago I ported the great Harmony drawing app by Mr. Doob to Max/Msp. This Max/Msp Version I used for my media installation "Sound drawings". During the development and testing with the musicians I was not so happy with my workflow. Furthermore I felt that the Max/Msp environment causes some certain useless obstacles for me. Especially for the visual part of my work. Now I have time to check how useful Flash can be as a renderer. The first step was to port the drawing functions to ActionScript. Here is the result:


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Moodumbrella – a self em-powered device for well-being

May 5th, 2011 14 comments

During the lectures Fashionable Technology I and II from Sabine Seymour, Andrea Suter and me improved the common usage of an umbrella. In the end we developed a concept of a self em-powered device for people’s well being. Our umbrella using the approaches of light therapy and autonomous power resources.

moodumbrella prototype


moodumbrella detail

moodumbrella detail

moodumbrella in use

moodumbrella in use








We created a prototype for interviews and user testings and we made a survey in Linz during a rainy day. The Austrain people were very sceptical and did not want to be asked about their happiness on rainy days. However, we were able to get some very useful feedback. The video below will show you examples of the feedback mentioned.

In the end we wrote paper about the details of light therapy and discussing mobile energy resources for smart devices.

Download the moodumbrella paper

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Book review: Generative Gestaltung

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Fangen wir mit den harten Fakten an. Das Buch ist ziemlich großformatig und hat ein schönes stabiles Hardcover. Selten so ein gutes haptisches Erlebnis mit einem Fachbuch empfunden. Auch die verschiedenen Druck- und Papiermethoden in diesem Buch sind sehr gut ausgewählt. Die Projektsammlung ist im hochqualitativen Druck eingebunden, dagegen ist der normale Inhalt des Buches mit einem einfachen Farbdruck eingebunden. Die inhaltliche Struktur des Buches, das Buchdesign, selbst, sowie die zum Buch dazugehörige Website sind perfekt und sehr gut benutzbar umgesetzt. Ein durchaus 100% gelungenes Design und Konzept. Diese Qualität schlägt sich mit einer Preisspanne von 60-75 Euro ziemlich ins Budget nieder. Doch ist jeden Euro wert! Meine Begründungen folgen in einem Kapitel-basiertem Feedback und einem Schlussfazit: