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Movies, Documentations, and Talks about Plants

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Plant Colour Patterns

Sometimes I am really tired and I have absolutely now motivation to read anything. In this mood I really enjoy watching videos. Luckily, I am also kinda addicted to documentation films, which has a positive side effect for my master thesis. Here is a summary of documentation related to plants, which I really enjoyed to watch.

English documentations and movies:


TED Talks

I don't like the whole hype about the TED events. All the outstanding atmosphere after a talk seems very strange for me. For me it is not really science, it is not very informative, it is just entertainment. However, it is the USA style of presenting + selling ideas like an insurance. Anyway, some talks are interesting and good to watch on the way to work.


 Other Talks


German documentations / Deutsche Dokumentationen:

If you know some other good talks or documentations about the plants, please let me know!

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